Casino Races

Casino Races adds an extra layer of excitement and competition to every game you play. Each Casino Race gives you more opportunities to win great prizes, and better yet, it's free to enter.

You can play Casino Races across a range of Slots.

How do Casino Races work?

You can opt-in and register for Casino Races at any time via the Casino Races lobby, or via the Casino Races widget, which appears in-game when a race becomes available. Registration is free, without any buy-in or entry fee.

Once registered, simply make winning bets in any of the eligible games and you'll be awarded Leader Board points. Please note that in Casino Races that allow playing over multiple games, you may only play one game at any given time, but may switch between eligible games at any point.

Because the points are based on multipliers of your win over your best round of spins or hands, you don’t need to be a high roller to win – so long as the minimum bet of the Casino Race is met, a player betting a few cents per spin can beat someone betting the maximum.

When the Casino Race ends, players on top of the Leader Board are instantly awarded a prize

How are the points calculated?

The points system is based on total accumulated multipliers over the course of the race or rounds of spins/hands. Points per spin/hand are calculated as multipliers – the amount won in each spin is divided by the amount wagered and then multiplied by 100. The total score, or highest accumulated round score, will be applied to the final Leader Board.

Slots Races have a maximum limit of 100 rounds. Once a player reaches this limit, their race will come to an end.

Every race is unique, therefore rules, minimum stake, max spins, paid leader board places and prizes are subject to change from race to race, so please make sure you see your in-game widget for the specific rules applicable to your race.

Please note that points are awarded on a per game round basis and should not be used to track your overall spending.

How often will Casino Races run?

Casino Races run every other day and will be available for 24 hours. Each Casino Race can run for a different period.

How are winners determined?

Casino Race winners are determined based on a player’s position in the Leader Board at the end of the race. In the event of a tie, the player with the highest number of spins recorded during the Casino Race will be assigned the higher position. If this does not break the tie, the player who registered to the Casino Race first will be assigned the higher position.

What if my game is interrupted?

If your game is interrupted during a Casino Race, restored hands/spins will not count towards points for that Casino Race. However, the winnings from that game will be credited as normal once the interrupted game is resolved.

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