SCOOP 2021. Over €15,000,000 in guaranteed prize money.

It's that time once again. It's time for the prestigious Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP).

Big prize pools will be up for grabs at 360 events between March 28-April 18. Get involved for the chance to win a share of over €15,000,000 in guaranteed prize money.

As always, SCOOP will have buy-ins and prize pools designed to suit all bankrolls. There's sure to be something for you.

On April 11, you could take your share of €1,000,000 guaranteed at the €125 PKO 6-Max SCOOP Main Event.

On top of all the thrilling tournaments, there's loads of additional value to be had at SCOOP. Check out our Special Offers below.

What storylines will SCOOP throw our way this year? Make sure you’re there to find out.

SCOOP 2021 Special Offers

We’re giving away €25,000 in Main Event tickets via our Depositor Freeroll.

All you have to do is deposit €25 with Bonus Code ‘SCOOP21’ to win a SCOOP Main Event Depositor Freeroll ticket.

You have until 19:59 WEST on April 10 to get your Freeroll ticket. This is your chance to win a €125 SCOOP Main Event ticket for free.

Fight to be crowned SCOOP Battle of the Countries champion. Play SCOOP events (excluding Phase 1 tournaments) to earn points for both yourself and your country. Finish in the top 3 of the leader board and you’ll win:

  • 1st place - €10,000 in T€ (plus a trophy)
  • 2nd place - €6,000 in T€
  • 3rd place - €4,000 in T€

We’ll tally together the totals of all players to decipher the winning country. SCOOP players from each nation will be able to enter a Freeroll on April 24 at 19:00 WEST. The value of this will be determined by the country' finishing position:

  • 1st place - €15,000 (T€) Freeroll
  • 2nd place - €10,000 (T€) Freeroll
  • 3rd place - €5,000 (T€) Freeroll

Tournaments will be categorized as Small, Medium or Large and points will be scored in the corresponding leader board. Click here for more information on the points structure and leader board standings.

The SCOOP Ticket Machine will be giving away €150,000 in SCOOP Main Event tickets. That's 86 Main Event tickets every day throughout the series.

Just opt-in and play SCOOP events to earn Ticket Machine entries. Find more details here.

Terms & Conditions

SCOOP Depositor Freeroll

  • This offer runs until 19:59 WEST on April 10, 2021.
  • Make a deposit of €25 or more using the code ‘SCOOP21’ and get a ticket to the SCOOP Depositor Freeroll.
  • Use your ticket to manually register to the SCOOP Depositor Freeroll.
  • Making a withdrawal before making a qualifying deposit during the offer period will leave you ineligible to claim your Depositor Freeroll ticket.
  • Any unused depositor freeroll tickets will be lost and will not be compensated.

SCOOP Battle of the Countries Leader Board

  • This offer runs from March 28 at 09:00 WEST-April 19 22:59 WEST.
  • Eligible players can earn individual leader board points for top finishes during SCOOP events. These points also contribute towards an overall country leader board.
  • The top 3 finishers of the leader board will win T€:
    • 1st place - €10,000 and a trophy
    • 2nd place - €6,000
    • 3rd place - €4,000
  • In addition, the top performing countries (by total points won) on the overall leader board can enter a Freeroll that's open to all players from that country that took part in a SCOOP event.
    • 1st place country - €15,000 (T€) Freeroll on April 24 at 19:00 WEST
    • 2nd place country - €10,000 (T€) Freeroll on April 24 at 19:00 WEST
    • 3rd place country - €5,000 (T€) Freeroll on April 24 at 19:00 WEST
  • Each SCOOP event will be categorized as a Small, Medium or Large based on estimated entry (Total guarantee divided by buy-in).
  • Points will be scored according to which category a tournament is in:
    • Small tournaments will have an estimated entry under 1,000.
    • Medium tournaments will have an estimated entry under 5,000 but over 1,000.
    • Large tournaments will have an estimated entry over 5,000.
  • Every time a player finishes in the top 30 of a SCOOP event, they will get points based on their finishing position. Points awarded are as follows:
Small Medium Large
PositionPoints awardedPositionPoints awardedPositionPoints awarded
1 100 1 150 1 200
2 80 2 120 2 160
3 70 3 105 3 140
4 60 4 90 4 120
5 55 5 80 5 110
6 50 6 75 6 100
7 45 7 70 7 90
8 40 8 60 8 80
9 35 9 50 9 70
10 30 10 45 10 60
11-14 25 11-14 35 11-14 50
15-19 20 15-19 30 15-19 40
20-30 10 20-30 15 20-30 20
  • All events (Small/Medium/Large) will contribute towards the overall SCOOP Battle of the Countries Leader Board.
  • In the event of a tie for the top position of the leader board, the overall amount won in the series will determine the winner.
  • Only players with registered addresses in France, Spain and Portugal on the respective .FR, .ES and .PT license are eligible to participate.
  • Prizes won as part of this promotion will be in the form of T€ and cannot be exchanged for cash or be transferred to other players.
  • Points accrued in the leader board will have no value after the promotion concludes on April 19, 2021.

SCOOP Ticket Machine

  • This offer takes place from 11:00 WEST on March 28, 2021 and finishes at 10:59 WEST on April 11, 2021.
  • The SCOOP Ticket Machine is a promotion which awards players entries to a daily draw when they play SCOOP tournaments.
  • Only players who opt-in to the ‘SCOOP Ticket Machine’ can participate in this promotion. Any tournaments played prior to opting in will not count towards this promotion.
  • Players must opt into the ‘Ticket Machine’ to participate in this offer. Any tournaments played prior to opting in will not count towards this offer.
  • SCOOP Ticket Machine entries are earned by playing SCOOP tournaments, between March 28 and April 11, between 11:00 WEST and 10:59 WEST, and are awarded based on the tournament' buy-in:
    • Buy-ins below €50 – 1 entry
    • Buy-ins at €50 or higher – 2 entries
  • Only SCOOP tournament events count towards this offer. SCOOP satellites are not valid for this offer, nor are any other tournament formats.
  • Additional spend on tournaments other than the buy-in, such as re-entries, rebuys and add-ons, do not contribute towards this offer.
  • Players will receive entry(s) once they’ve been eliminated from an eligible tournament, or after they’ve finished in the top places.
  • The Ticket Machine will draw winners daily at 11:00 WEST, after which, players will receive a notification with the outcome.
  • 86 SCOOP Main Event tickets worth €125 will be guaranteed daily during the promotion. Players can win multiple €125 SCOOP Main Event tickets from Ticket Machine.
  • After the conclusion of SCOOP on April 18, any additional tickets won will be converted within 72 hours into generic MTT tickets.
  • Tickets cannot be redeemed for cash or any other value or be transferred.
  • These generic MTT tickets will allow entry into any scheduled MTT tournament with the corresponding buy-in and will expire after five years.

See here for general promotional Terms & Conditions.