Play Progressive Knockout tourneys with guaranteed prize pools every day!


The tournament schedule below is for information purposes only. Tourney schedule and guarantees displayed on the PokerStars.pt client are subject to changes.

We have a series of exciting Progressive Knockout tournaments running daily, each with a guaranteed prize pool (see here for more on how Progressive Knockout tourneys work).

Bounty Builders schedule

Name Time WETGuaranteed Prize Pool
Progressive KO €5 08:30 €1,500
Progressive KO €3 10:30 €1,500
Progressive KO €20 11:00 €4,000
Progressive KO €10 12:00 €5,000
Ultra KO €20 13:00 €4,000
Progressive KO €50 15:00 €7,500
Progressive KO €3 16:30 €2,000
Progressive KO €30 17:00 €12,500
Ultra KO €10 17:15 €5,000
Progressive KO €1 18:30 €1,000
Progressive KO €50 19:30 €15,000
Progressive KO €10 20:00 €15,000
Super Thursday Night on Stars €250 20:00 (Every Thursday) €50,000
Progressive KO €15 21:30 €7,500
Progressive KO €5 22:00 €4,000
Ultra KO €20 22:30 €12,500
Progressive KO €5 23:15 €4,000
Progressive KO €20 00:00 €7,500
Progressive KO €3 02:00 €1,000

Please Note: The Knockout tournament schedule is correct as of present time, but times and the guarantees of tournaments scheduled in the PokerStars client might change once in a while.

How do Knockout Poker tournaments work?

In KO format, a bounty is placed on every player's head. When you eliminate a player, you get their bounty.

KO Poker includes MTTs and special Sit & Go's (Sit & KO's with prize pools divided in two parts: the first one goes to the standard prize pool. The second one is distributed to players that eliminate opponents.

How to register to KO Poker tournaments

Click the ‘KO Poker’ tab in the main lobby. Choose ‘Sit & KO’ or ‘KO Tournaments’, then the game, buy-in and speed of your choice. Once done, click the green ‘Register’ button and start knocking your opponents out!