Galactic Series - Player of the Series

Galactic Series launches into action on September 4 and we’re rewarding the top performing players across the three-week poker extravaganza.

There’s €25,000 in prizes to be won via our Player of the Series Leader Board, with a massive €10,000 awarded to the player of the series.

The Player of the Series Leader Board will take into consideration events across all Galactic Series buy-in tiers, and you can find more information below about how points can be scored.

Can you scoop the top prize and become Player of the Series?

Leader Board Prizes

1 €10,000
2 €5,000
3 €3,000
4 €2,000
5 €1,500
6 €1,250
7 €1,000
8 €750
9 €500

Player of the Series Leader Board

Leader Board Points Structure



Tournament Champion


2nd Place


3rd Place


4th Place


5th Place


6th Place


7th Place


8th Place


9th Place


10th-18th Place


Remaining Cashers - Top 10%


Remaining Cashers - 2nd 10%


Remaining Cashers - 2nd 20%


Remaining Cashers - 3rd 20%


Remaining Cashers - Bottom 40%


No Points Awarded in Non-Cashing Place

Please Note: In the event of a tie for any of the above places, the total amount won will be used as the tie-breaker. Galactic Series TLB points are not transferrable in anyway, and have no value outside of the Galactic Series Player of the Series Leader Board.

Total Knockout events also do not award Player of the Series points.

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Terms & Conditions

What is being offered

Players who play Galactic Series tournaments during the offer period, as specified below, can earn Leader Board points and be in the chance to win a share of prizes worth €25,000 in the form of T-Money.

There is one Leader Board available.

When is the offer being conducted

This offer runs from 23:00 WEST on September 3 until 22:59 WEST on September 27.

Who is eligible to take part and how can you qualify

To participate in the offer, players must play Galactic Series tournaments.

Leader Board points will be awarded based on the finishing position, as shown above.

In the event of a tie for the top position of the Leader Board, the overall amount won in the series will determine the winner.

Eligible players will receive points according to their own finishing positions, even if they finish behind an ineligible player. If an ineligible player finishes at the top of the Leader Board, the prize will be awarded to the highest ranked eligible player.

Wagering requirements and limitations by type of game

All categorized Galactic Series tournaments will contribute towards the overall Series Leader Board.

Only Galactic Series events, not satellites, side events or other game types, will count towards this Leader Board.

Claiming and redeeming the offer

At the end of the offer period, the player who has scored the most points will be the winner of the Leader Board. Prizes are detailed below.

1 €10,000
2 €5,000
3 €3,000
4 €2,000
5 €1,500
6 €1,250
7 €1,000
8 €750
9 €500

T-Money can be used to register in any tournament with a cash buy-in. Players can check their T-Money balance by visiting the My Rewards section of their account. T-Money cannot be withdrawn or exchanged for cash.

Leader Board points will expire after the conclusion of Galactic Series on September 27 and will hold no value.

What else do you need to know

Leader Board standings can be viewed in the Leader Board section on the web (where available), on the app via smartphone or tablet, or via the downloadable client.

If players have T-Money available, it will be used by default at registration if the tournament is eligible, before any other available balance. If a player wants to register for a tournament but does not have enough T-Money, the remaining buy-in will be taken from their real money balance.

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