How to play online Slots

What are online Slots?

A Slot is a fun chance to spin your way to exciting wins from your PC, mobile or tablet. Just like the popular land-based Slots that have graced casino floors for decades, you can play a plethora of themed Slots online too, from classic one-armed bandits to feature-filled extravaganzas. Experience the same thrilling wins wherever you choose.

What is the basic makeup of an online Slot?

Online Slots come in different shapes and sizes, with different *features, bonuses, payouts and jackpots. However, the basic anatomy of a Slot rarely changes. Master a few simple concepts and you’ll be able to find your way around all Slots with ease.

Balance: This is the amount of money in your account.

Reels: You can play Slots with three reels, five reels, and occasionally even seven reels. These are the things you’re spinning, and the icons on each are what you want to match to land winning combinations.

Display box: Letting you know when you win, when you land a bonus, etc., this will soon become one of your favorite parts of the screen.

Paytable: This is the information box in all Slots. It will let you know all the game details, from the theme to symbol values, special rules and payouts. We recommend familiarising yourself with this before pressing spin on any Slot.

Payline: Every Slot has a predefined amount of paylines. On some Slots these are fixed, while on others you can choose how many active paylines you would like to play with. Remember, each active payline affects your stake on each spin, so although more paylines means more chances of winning, it also means a higher stake per spin.

Stake/Maximum bet: This is your stake per spin. Every Slot has a minimum and maximum stake, meaning players of all budgets can play. The amount you stake affects your possible return. 

Spin: This is the button that starts the fun. Press this to spin the reels and hopefully land big wins.

Autoplay: This button gives you the ability to instruct the game to play by itself for a set amount of spins. You set the bet amount, the amount of spins (most Slots also give you a loss/win limit), which when fulfilled will instruct the Slot to stop spinning.

*Some features listed on this page may not be available in your jurisdiction.

Types of Slot

We have a huge selection of Slots for you to enjoy, from classic Slots to Progressive Jackpot Slots. Most share similar characteristics and features, but you can check out the basic differences between them below:

Classic Slots: As close to the traditional casino classics as you can get, they form the basis of all online Slots. These offer you few, if any, features and fixed paylines. Simply spin and try to win.

Bonus Games Slots: An upgrade on Classic Slots, these offer you bonus rounds and special features during gameplay when certain conditions are met.

Video Slots: Think Bonus Game Slots but with the latest graphics, slick animations and technology.

Multiline Slots: A Multiline Slot allows you to choose how many active paylines you want to play.

Progressive Jackpot Slots (where available): The holy grail of Slots wins usually come from Progressive Jackpot Slots. Often they have a minimum jackpot on offer, which grows as players play on it, or it can have a unique prize pool that’s shared by multiple online casinos. PJPs, as they are otherwise known, can differ from casino to Slot franchise, so make sure you read up on how each individual one works for more detail.

Slot Features/Glossary

Now you know the basic anatomy of an online Slot and the different types. What about all the features and bonus possibilities? There are too many to list on one page, but you’ll find the most important and transferable below.

Wild: A special symbol which can substitute for all other symbols (except sometimes scatters and bonus symbols) to help create winning combinations.

There’s also a range of advanced wilds, including Stacked Wilds and Mega Wilds, among others, which you’ll come across playing different Slots.

Scatter: A specific symbol which can award wins when more than two appear, or can trigger special bonuses and features (differs between Slots).

Bonus: A symbol which unlocks bonus features within a Slot.

Multiplier: A feature which can help multiply your winnings. They usually appear in bonus rounds.

Free Spins (aka Free Games): Quite often appearing as part of bonus features, they offer you free spins at no additional cost to you.

Payout: This is the amount of money you receive for winning!

243 Ways to Win: This is the maximum number of combinations on a standard five-reel Slot. You’ll win any time there is a winning combination from left to right.

Win Both Ways: All Slots pay from left to right, however, there are some that also pay from right to left too.

Adjacent Pays: All symbols, except the scatter and the Bonus symbols, can award a win as long as they are on an active payline and on adjacent reels.

Gamble: Some Slots offer you the opportunity to double/quadruple your winnings after a win, usually in the form of a card guessing game.