Play big-money Knockout and Progressive Knockout tourneys!

On February 5-13, join us for a Knockout Series and battle it out to win a share of €500,000 guaranteed.

There’s huge guaranteed prize pools for each event and, remember, for every player you eliminate you’ll win a bounty too.  We’ll be hosting 22 tournaments - including Standard Knockouts, Super Knockouts and Progressive Knockouts - with a range of buy-ins. Check out the complete schedule below.

Register now - you can find Knockout tournaments in the lobby, marked with a black crosshair symbol. The Progressive Knockout tournaments are marked with a red crosshair symbol. Alternatively, type ‘knockout’ into the ‘Tournaments’ tab (desktop) or the ‘Tourney’ tab (mobile) to find what you’re looking for.

Three Knockout Leader Boards!

As you play in these Knockout tournaments you’ll also earn points towards three Leader Boards! Take part in either of the low-stakes or high-stakes tourneys, and every time you KO an opponent, it’ll be tallied on the corresponding Leader Board. You can find more details and view your total bounty position at any time via your Leader Board Window.

KO Leader Board Prizes:

The KO Leader Board is all about the bounties - the more KOs you get, the higher up the Leader Board you’ll climb. The top nine bounty hunters (those with the most KOs at the end of the KO Series) will win additional prizes:

PositionHigh Leader BoardLow Leader Board
1 T€ 500 T€ 250
2 T€ 250 T€ 125
3 T€ 100 T€ 50
4 T€ 50 T€ 25
5-9 T€ 20 T€ 10

*(T€ = Tournament Euros)

So keep an eye on the Leader Boards in your Leader Board Window to see how you’re doing! Please note: For those who win the tournament, they will win their own bounty award.

Player of the KO Series Leader Board

The ‘Player of the KO Series’ Leader Board awards the top three overall finishers with Live Events prizes which can be used to participate in our new live event series, the PokerStars Festivals.

Here you will earn points based on where you finish in the tournaments as a whole (not with the amount of bounties you collect). Prizes include:

1st: Package to a PokerStars Festival (€1,100 entry + hotel + expenses, valued at €2,000)
2nd: Seat + Expenses to a PokerStars Festival (€1,100 + €400 expenses)
3rd: Seat to a PokerStars Festival: €1,100

Points are earned depending on where you finish in a KO Series tournament, with more points to the higher finishers.

After the last tournament has ended, the overall winner of the series - the player with the most points - will be crowned ‘Player of the Series’, you can find more info here.

For full results of each tournament, please visit the PokerStars client.

Knockout Series Schedule

Start DateStart Time (WET)EventTotal Buy-inGuarantee
Sunday, February 5 20:00 KO Series 01-L: KO, Deep €5 €10,000
  20:30 KO Series 01-H: KO, Deep €50 €25,000
  21:00 KO Series 02-L: Progressive KO €10 €20,000
  22:00 KO Series 02-H: Progressive KO €100 €40,000
Monday, February 6 21:00 KO Series 03-L: SuperKO €10 €7,500
  22:00 KO Series 03-H: SuperKO €100 €25,000
Tuesday, February 7 21:00 KO Series 04-L: Progressive KO €5 €15,000
  22:00 KO Series 04-H: Progressive KO €50 €35,000
Wednesday, February 8 21:00 KO Series 05-L: SuperKO, Turbo €10 €7,500
  22:00 KO Series 05-H: SuperKO, Turbo €100 €25,000
Thursday, February 9 21:00 KO Series 06-L: Progressive KO €25 €5,000
  22:00 KO Series 06-H: Progressive KO €250 €25,000
Friday, February 10 21:00 KO Series 07-L: 6-Max, KO, Deep Hyper €10 €7,500
  22:00 KO Series 07-H: 6-Max, KO, Deep Hyper €100 €20,000
Saturday, February 11 21:00 KO Series 08-L: SuperKO, Turbo €10 €7,500
  22:00 KO Series 08-H: SuperKO, Turbo €100 €20,000
Sunday, February 12 20:00 KO Series 09-L: Progressive KO, Deep €5 €10,000
  20:30 KO Series 09-H: Progressive KO, Deep €50 €30,000
  21:00 KO Series 10-L: Progressive KO €20 €30,000
  22:00 KO Series 10-H: Progressive KO €200 €100,000
Monday, February 13 21:00 KO Series 11-L: Last Chance, 6-Max, Progressive KO €10 €10,000
  22:00 KO Series 11-H: Last Chance, 6-Max, Progressive KO €100 €25,000

What are Knockout Tournaments?

In Knockout tournaments, a cash bounty is placed on all players in the tournament, and every time you eliminate somebody, you win a cash prize. In Progressive Knockout tournaments, the excitement goes up a notch, because whenever you eliminate another player not only do you claim their cash bounty, but the bounty on your head increases too.


  • Standard: 20% towards KOs, 80% towards Prize Pool
  • SuperKO: 50% towards KOs, 50% towards Prize Pool
  • Progressive KO: 50% towards KOs - 50% towards Prize Pool, bounty increases with each elimination
  • All KO: 100% towards KOs - 0% towards Prize Pool, you can only make money eliminating other players
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