Thomas Hayward

Thomas Hayward

Thomas started out playing Poker in High School with his friends. Every Friday, he used to play with his mates and watch major series like WCOOP and SCOOP – now he has joined to be a member of the Team PokerStars Online Pro team. It’s been quite the journey and one he is loving. Revealing that the highlight of all of this is turning it into a career, and meeting Poker icons along the way.

He used to come up against the WCOOP and SCOOP professionals who were yielding the red spade. Now being a member of the team is something he will not take for granted. He hopes to bring a lot of inspiration to his viewers and aim to show that there is still room for showmanship in the game. Whilst continuing to experiment with new ideas for the game and his streaming, all helping to push the game forward and reach new audiences.

This eagerness to do things differently was the main reason why he started streaming. Enjoying Sit & Go’s as a student, as well as learning production techniques, meant he had the skill set to do things differently. Carving his own way into the streaming world and allow himself to stand away from the rest.   

This has led him to have a range of successes whilst streaming, including reaching 1000 viewers, without raids or hosts, during day 2 of the 2020 Sunday Million Anniversary. With the best bit of it all for Thomas still being the freedom and ability to take risks and do things differently. And take a group of friends on the internet along the ride with them.

Away from poker, Thomas is a part-time music producer and even launched his own Spotify page. Having played the violin since the age of 7 and has a range of subjects that he has studied from animation to music performance.

You can find Thomas on the tables at Majinboob.

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