Mason Pye

Mason Pye

Mason started playing Poker in 2014 after stumbling across a recommended YouTube video involving the final hand between Daniel Negreanu and Dan Colman in the $1 Million Big One for One Drop. That video led him to another which explained the rules of No Limit Hold'em. The rest, as they say, is history…

Beginners luck was on Mason’s side from the very beginning. He won his first ever live tournament he played in. A £30 buy-in regional student poker event. This started his journey to being a member of the Team PokerStars Online Pro team. A journey that still excites him as it allows Mason to work and collaborate with individuals on the team he once looked up to.

His main aims for his streams are to encourage as many players as possible to learn, and maybe play some new formats that involves more than two cards. Specifically, Mixed Games, a format Mason believes helps players become better overall poker players as well as keeping things fun and fresh at the tables. Another of his streaming aims is to act as a resource for new and experienced Mixed Games players. Helping players to learn and the game to grow.

Mason is a leader of the ‘Mixed Games Movement’- a community that promotes the world of Mixed Games to both new and experienced players. Expect to see like-minded individuals who enjoy playing all poker formats. And advocate the growth of Mixed Games both on Twitch and in the wider poker community.

What he enjoys most about streaming is being able to interact with the audience and going on a poker journey with them. Whether that's through an individual tournament from start to finish or the journey of moving up stakes and building your bankroll.

His best streaming moment to date? When he commentated on PokerStars' Biggest Tournament Ever (Sunday Million Anniversary 2020). They had 10,000 viewers watching cards down coverage of an event which saw a $4 satellite winner take home $1.2M. The stuff dreams are made of.

Before becoming a Poker player, Mason studied Computer Science at the University of Exeter, graduating in 2019. Away from the tables, he also is an Arsenal supporter and has held a number of Guinness World Records. One of which being the fastest time to make a cup of tea in just 11.2 seconds. That’s very impressive.

You can find Mason on the tables at Pye_Face21.

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