PokerStars Support

PokerStars is proud to have a conscientious and dedicated service team working for you. Our support team is ready to answer your queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

General Inquiries

The best place to find answers to game-related questions is in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. If your question is not covered in the FAQ, you can contact us and a member of our support staff will be happy to assist you.

If you don’t have a PokerStars account already, or can’t access your account for any reason, then write to us by email at

Otherwise, you can contact us through the PokerStars software using the Contact Support Form. A link to the form can be found in the ‘Help’ menu of the PokerStars software:

Contact Support

Simply select your preferred language, select the most appropriate Category (for example, ‘Tournaments’) and Sub-Category (for example ‘Tournament Rules’), input a Subject (for example ‘Question about Disconnected Players in Tournaments’) and then input your query.

Contact Support Form

Please include as much information as possible about your question or concern, so we can handle your email quickly, completely and professionally. If you receive an error message, or have a technical problem, please provide us with the message or a screenshot so we can best understand the problem and address it in a timely manner.

Real Money Deposits (Deposit Assistance)

When making a real money deposit in the Cashier, PokerStars can help you with our Deposit Assistance Department (DAD) feature. If your deposit is refused, you will be offered the ability to request live support. Once you click on this, PokerStars will then contact you via live chat to assist you with your deposit. If you do not see an offer of live support, email, with ‘Chat Request’ in the subject line and remain logged in to PokerStars.

Deposit Assistance is currently available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, and Portuguese.


PokerStars offers the following poker games:

To find out more about the features we offer on our site, please visit our Internet poker special features page. You can also find more details about our cardroom in the poker room section. And don't forget that PokerStars is the #1 site for poker tournaments.

Jogo responsável

Responsible Gaming

Temos um compromisso com o jogo responsável e dedicamo-nos a proporcionar uma experiência de jogo positiva e divertida.

Perguntas frequentes do serviço de apoio


A nossa equipa de apoio reuniu uma lista de perguntas que os jogadores mais costumam fazer, juntamente com as suas respostas.


Se tiver algumas dúvidas ou perguntas sobre as regras descritas nesta página, clique aqui para saber como nos pode contactar.

Ofertas especiais

Special Offers

A PokerStars tem ofertas especiais durante todo o ano, que incluem prémios cash, lugares para os melhores eventos ao vivo e muito mais.

Como jogar poker

How to Play Poker

Na secção 'Como Jogar Poker' da PokerStars irá encontrar as regras do poker, dicas para principiantes e estratégias avançadas.

Jogar a dinheiro real

Chip Stack

Faça o seu depósito de dinheiro real e comece a jogar na PokerStars. Os depósitos são rápidos e seguros.